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Anne's story

The first time that I walked into Parkview Baptist Church, I was a “retired” Episcopalian searching for a long sought, but never attained deeply personal relationship with Jesus. I had never been in a Baptist church before, but my oldest daughter led me there after being inspired to heart-felt faith through Parkview’s student ministries program at the Refuge. When my daughter asked me to attend Sunday worship with her, Jesus used that obedient moment to transform my heart and my life. I am one of hundreds who call Parkview “home”, but I am not unique in my story of “changed faith”. Very few attendees initially walk into our church proclaiming to be “Baptists”, but many of us become dedicated and faithful servants for Jesus as we are discipled there. We come seeking something different, something more meaningful. And, we stay as Jesus meets us there to show us Grace, and lead us to the “faithful work, loving deeds, and enduring hope” that comes from Him (1Thessalonians1). Together, we strive to love better, to spend time in the Word, to worship, to serve with grateful hearts, to pray and to share life “in small group community”. God steadfastly uses His church at Parkview to inspire all those who walk through the door to wear the jersey and get in the game as a member of Team Jesus.